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Soliant Health is a healthcare staffing company that provides medical staff to various healthcare facilities throughout the United States. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. On 21 August 2020, Soliant announced it will move its office to Peachtree Corners, Georgia, a suburban city of Atlanta.

Soliant is a dishonest company, management and working environment are toxic, salary is low, and employees have limited support, according to a former employee at

"Low pay. Dishonest. Tries to make you feel guilt. No additional support provided other than your recruiter. Toxic management and work environment."


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Current Employee - National Account Manager says

"I give this company a grade F. This company has been disgustingly careless and insensitive to it's folks who make the everyday happen. Not just before the pandemic hit, during it as well. They absolutely provided no help, whatsoever to us during the pandemic. They didn't care for our well being at all, didn't care to understand what work from home really entails, didn't care about how we felt, provided us with no support to cope with the hardships. They failed to ensure of the well being of us and never did anything to keep us feeling at least ok and proud of to work for a so called good company. All i've heard is they care about sales numbers and the constant breathing down peoples backs, harassment even to get the work done. I see some of my colleagues in other areas brutally working over the hours they should be humanely working. What are we all, your slaves? There is zero respect and kindness for me and my colleagues i hear of, whom i've heard from all branches of frustration, anguish and sadness. In the office, it is hell. Managers who can't manage and bully their innocent workers, a culture of where you can be heard and not taken seriously for some fairly absurd reasons, being treated differently based on looks, skin color, the way you naturally are, and the list just goes on and on. I am tired of your office politics and managers and non-managers who get away with their actions they commit. I am beyond ashamed to work such a company. When i read and hear of other companies and compare it everything above and more, this is not a company that people should take part in. I cannot wait to be part of company where i can be and treated like a proper professional human being."

Current Employee - SLPA says

"We appreciate you taking the time to leave this honest feedback and apologize for the frustration your experience may have caused. Our team does have the ability to market all job orders and our SLPA jobs are filled very quickly. We certainly value your feedback and will use it as improvement, to make sure our team remains committed to matching dedicated professionals to the jobs that make a difference daily."


"High turnover so I would suggest proper training"

Former Employee - Former Recruiter says

"Imagine a school district that outsource and approves Soliant's RFP (Request For Approval). The bill rate is 85$ an hour. However, Soliant will only pay you 35$ /hr which will show that company will take the remaining 50$ and build revenue and build commission off of you. They will say "the school is tight on money and there other competitors wanting this position. Sometimes, that can be case but very unlikely. Honestly, they will try to find the least money that you will take so they can build off from you. So, always go high and gamble with them."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Run-of-the-mill work, high turnover, micromanagement by managers- the list goes on.. The job isn't hard based on the fact that you're essentially starting up and running your own desk. Many companies have this role and it would not exist if there wasn't work. Where Soliant lacks is that you're placing these well-qualified school professionals into mediocre roles in less-than-desirable areas with laughable pay. Along with the terrible pay the candidates are sometimes forced to choose between having low pay and terrible insurance plans or no insurance. There's a lot of trade-offs for the candidates for things that shouldn't be traded off. My advice is for candidates to get hired directly, however hard it may be- keep pushing. The job is dead-end... you'll get tired of sitting in a grey cube all day hoping one of the 75-minimum calls per day will answer. There's a lot of meaningless grunt work to be done at Soliant. Also, the office loves wasting your time with meetings every morning (information that could easily be put in an email) and an hour meeting every other Friday to recognize top performers. Turn over is high here. Don't be surprised if all that were hired with you are disappearing by the twos. My advice is to stay just enough to get the experience and move on. You'll land a grade-A job right after- I promise."

Current Employee - Educator says

"not detail oriented, staff has low knowledge of education jobs, posts jobs that are wrong, charge outrageous fees to companies,"

Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"They submitted me for jobs I didnt authorize. I am 100% serious and this happened to me at least 3 times. Then if you have a bad negotiation, they will try to ruin your reputation through their human resources network. Soliant is run by the biggest snakes in pharmacy recruitment. Plenty of other professional recruiters in other companies to choose from. Dont waste your time with these liars. Soliant advertises alot of false job postings to bait people into clicking as well. I am glad I am at another company and wished I had done so earlier.Liars and"

Hospital pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"This company are like used car salesmen. Shoddy service but with a smile. I went to a level 1 trauma hospital in the bay area, california and they didn't complete their paperwork so I got sent home and assignment canceled. Worse is I didn't get compensated for months. While on another assignment near the Oregon border, they tried to decrease my pay even tho I had it in writing. If I didn't threaten to sue I would still be playing phone tag. I learned alot about hr blackmail tips and warning signs from this company. This was all while I was oncall with a hospital that doesn't know how to use pyxis machines. They will blackmail the hr department you work at by leaving more messages with the hr department or leave a nasty review if things don't go their way. When I tried to complain to hr and the director, I gave them more opportunities to blackmail me. All of a sudden ur for my new company is getting anonymous tips from a recruiting agency about my supposedly bad review.. if I have a bad review, you tell it to me directly. Ther are plenty of other recruiting agencies that are professional and give similar rates and benefits. Protect yourself and avoid these scam artists. Blessings"

Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Recruiter stated pay would be one thing, then offered less..way too low for Nurse Practitioners. Stay away, they’re taking advantage of Florida NP’s!!NonePay"

RT (Former Employee) says

"racist company, more interested individual race and ethnicity than talent and work ethic. this company is not worthy to work for and i wouldnt encourage anyone to apply."

TVI (Former Employee) says

"This place is a medical staffing agency. They have no business trying to contract out teachers. Poor business practices NO teacher support. They scoop up more contracts than they can handle at half the price the original TVI was paid. Districts think they are getting a deal. But I've seen lots of uncertified people placed in schools. I've also seen major lawsuits result from this.NoneTons"

fill in Rph (Former Employee) says

"was contacted for a job placement and responded as to where to report for work and NEVER received a response. Unprofessional. The company should follow up with clients and prospective candidates when they contact them to report in for a job."

ER RN (Former Employee) says

"This job sucked big time! It was not the place for me. I would not recommend this place to anyone."

Speech therapist (Former Employee) says

"Ended up leaving a well paying position with good benefits for an assignment that lasted for less than was expected because the employer was not paying me to work. Recruiter never contacted me to see if things were going okay and never told me the situation. Had another therapist who recruiter actually told her what was going on informed me. Ended up leaving and seeking new employment else where with a massive medical bill since I had to see specialists and their insurance sucked. Had to work 10 hr days by myself since the other 2 therapist were pulled from the assignment due to employer not paying the bills. Nothing about this assignment I enjoyed since I ended up using my Fridays off to work and weekends for the reduce pay I was making for 10 hr days. This job totally sucked. Now I'm working just to get by until my new job starts. No my recruiters please!!!!NoneEverything"

Speech Language Pathologist (Former Employee) says

"My contact person at this company made errors with my pay twice during the two years I worked with them and put minimal effort into correcting them. The medical insurance is unaffordable if you need to include children or a spouse."

COTA/L (Former Employee) says

"This company has to be rated by me, as the lowest. I didn't get proper follow up on emails and seldomly received a phone call. It seems like you have to call them frequently to attain proper information on whether a position is appropriate for you or not. It appears that they have advertisements that are lost leaders. It appears they tend to just be scrambling for getting therapists into any position anywhere and will not advertise appropriately for the positions that are actually available. Most companies will do this to some extent, however I have that found Soliant does this to an extreme. This makes it very frustrating from the therapist's point of view. Having acknowledgeed the type of technique they utilize and the performance I have experienceed from their company representatives thus far, I would not work for them.None that I have seen thus farNon-responsive, even when given every opportunity"

Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Staffing Agency for pharmacy tech would send you to different assignments, retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, rotating shifts etc."

RN (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited by Soliant and was contracted as a school nurse. I was told it was full time work. When I started at the school I quickly realized that the hours were variable and I SOMETIMES would work full time. This was partially due to lack of disclosure on the school's part, however my recruiter did not seem to take full initiative in connecting the school to renegotiate. They did come to an agreement but it still did not meet what the contract stated. I was naive being with this being my first recruiting/agency job but after talking with friends and family I realized it was't right. I stated I wanted a new assignment but my recruiter pressured me to stick it out and said he would look into other options. No other options were brought to me. I was asked to sign again for the next year and I stated I did not want to for obvious reasons and was told to think about it several times. Conversation between the recruiter and I appeared friendly but as time went on it seemed to be a front. I felt as "another contract" and not a valued employee. I understand the recruiters make their money based off the number on contracts they bring in but wouldn't employee satisfaction play a role? People stay if they are satisfied which means the contract is renewed, etc. Simple logic. I honestly stuck out the rest of the school year because I enjoyed the staff and students I worked with at the school. The pay is great but not worth feeling like a number. If this is your first recruitment/agency job stand your ground and know your rights. Make sure you are getting what your contract states."

Sr. Regional Account Executive, (Current Employee) says

"Now they just churn people and favortism is rampant . The culture was good and they really cared about their employees succeeding, not anymore. When the market turned and their technology was behind the industry they just decided to hire unqualified people that are expendable."

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"If you want to learn Account Managing and everything involved with sales this is the place to go, but I would not stay here long term. They have a high turn over rate, they fire people during the holiday season and they tell you one thing and do another. Low integrity managers and no great training.Great learning on the job trainingBe successful quick or you will be let got in less than a year."

Pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a floater for various Harris Teeter stores. Hours were extremely erratic, and all shifts during the weekday were 12 hours. Sometimes felt overworked, but most of the time had no work at all due to no shifts being available. Good coworkers, but I needed more consistency in my hours.Learned about the running of several stores in the areaSometimes was made to feel guilty if I was unable to work a certain shift"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"People are nice and friendly. Days consists of making calls, job posting and emailing. Can get very stagnant. It takes a very long time before you start to see any commission, must be able to live on salary alone.Nice and friendly staffLow salary and expected long hours"

Pharmacy technician (Current Employee) says

"No communication between companies. Nice place to work though. Wouldn't do a contract to hire again.Cafe, gymShort breaks, no communication, bad training"

Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Again, travel is a plus, but job security and no way to advance were giant obstacles. Day to day work is much the same as NTS.Travel, see great new placesHaving to start fresh every year, not be able to put down roots."

Project Manager for Optime/Anesthesia (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy my consulting position in Texas. I have learned a lot it is very challenging and rewarding."


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